Where Students Live

Make friendships that last a lifetime

Memories and friendships that will last a lifetime are part of our Campus Living tradition. We are committed to providing a residential experience that enriches learning and growth beyond the classroom.

Residence Life provides a dynamic and diverse community to meet fellow students and develop life-long relationships, while providing easy access to the many resources that the University provides. This means less stress, which allows you to focus on academic goals. The residency requirement requires all students to live on campus for their first two years at Shenandoah.

Campus living is an integral part of your college experience.

Residence Halls

Over 900 Shenandoah University students choose to live in 9 residence halls on campus each year. Our residence halls are divided by class rank. First year students live in a residential community with other first year students and upper class students live in a residential community with other upper class students. Each residence hall is unique in both its style and characteristics.


Current Students

 The Office of Residence Life is pleased that you have chosen to return to living on campus for another year (sophomores are required to live on campus). Our staff is dedicated to making your returning year a great one!

During your first year on campus you were required to live away from home and adjust to new surroundings, while dealing with the challenges of being a college student for the first time.

As a returning student, you now have the opportunity to live in a community of people you already know and the residential experience is designed to continue to facilitate your ability to excel at Shenandoah University university. The department has developed programs and services specifically for upperclassmen to provide a different experience than your first year on campus. Even the residence halls have different designs which are more conducive to the life of upperclassmen.

New Students

You don’t want to miss Welcome Week where friendships are made that last a lifetime. Attend the Welcome Week Scavenger Hunt – another fine First Year/Freshman tradition! Go to Parker Hall’s Haunted House on Halloween. Check out the Racey Lounge where they have late night card games. Enjoy the variety of activities in the city of Winchester and explore the beautiful surrounding area nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which are ideal for hiking, climbing, biking and other outdoor activities.

Mission, Vision & Values

Residence Life Mission

The Office of Residence Life encourages all students to be successful and responsible citizens by creating an atmosphere that promotes learning, respectful dialogue, physical comfort and safety.

Residence Life Vision

The Office of Residence Life envisions becoming the most exciting, efficient, educational, student-centered residence life program that has ever been.

Residence Life Values

  • Caring: We serve students with compassion and sensitivity, using non-judgment listening and sincere dialogue.
  • Community: We work to build a university family that promotes interaction, understanding and collaboration.
  • Continual Learning: We gain wisdom by asking and listening, watching and reflecting, and using our knowledge effectively.
  • Fairness: We interact with all individuals in an open and impartial manner.
  • Humor: We enjoy life by balancing hard work with fun and by trying to laugh every day.
  • Integrity: We honestly adhere to our personal and societal values, which are reflected not only in our words but also in our actions.
  • Respect: We welcome all people, valuing their freedom and right to make decisions about their own lives, unless they conflict with SU community expectations
  • Responsibility: We seek excellence in the performance of all aspects of our jobs by holding ourselves accountable and accepting the consequences of our actions.