The Office of Residence Life is housed with professional and paraprofessioal staff. During the academic year when the University is open, there is always a professional and paraproffesional on duty or on call to assist you.

Please feel free to contact us!

Sue O'Driscoll 2013 small


Sue O'Driscoll
Director of Residence Life & Student Conduct
Phone: (540) 545-7399
Cooley Hall, Room 212

Sherri Greenaway 2013 small


Sherri Snyder-Greenaway
Assistant Director of Residence Life
(Resident Director for Edwards Residential Village)
Phone: (540) 665-4611
Cooley Hall, Room 214

Ashley Wisniewski 2013 small


Ashley Wisniewski
Assistant Director of Student Conduct
Phone: (540) 665-4921
Cooley Hall, Room 206

Mary Kate Schiff new 2013 small


Mary Kate Schiff
First Year Area Coordinator
(Resident Director for Funkhouser and Gore Halls)
Phone: (540) 545-7339
Cooley Hall, Room 213


Resident Director for Parker Hall
Phone: (540) 665-4799
Cooley Hall, Room 211

Brittany Butcher new 2013 small


Brittany Butcher
Resident Director for Racey Hall
Phone: (540) 665-4799
Cooley Hall, Room 211

chuck tippett new 2013 small


Charles (Chuck) Tippett
Resident Director for University Inn
Phone: (540) 665-4844
Cooley Hall, Room 209

TeeAl Barksdale 2013


TeeAl Barksdale
Resident Director for Romine Living Center and East Campus 
Phone: (540) 665-4844
Cooley Hall, Room 209

Trameka Smith 2013 small


Trameka Smith
Resident Director for Solenberger Hall
Phone: (540) 678-3463
Cooley Hall, Room 216