Mission Trips

This picture was taken while on our trip to Nicaragua.

  • Alabama Winter Break Mission Trip: January 2012

Students and staff travelled to Alabama for a mission trip this past winter break. They stayed in Trinity and worked in Athens, Huntsville, and Decatur. The teams worked with the Huntsville Habitat For Humanity warehouse, Disaster Center for North Alabama Conference of the UMC, and the Family Resource Center of Athens Alabama. It was a great experience for all involved and allowed the students and faculty to become more of a community. 

  • Spring Break Nursing Mission Trip: March 2012

During this year’s Spring Break the Division of Nursing in collaboration with Spiritual Life will travel by Medical Boat along the Amazon river treating civilians. Nursing students will get an incredible opportunity in building mutual, relational,and sustainable connections with our Brazillian neighbors in their out-of-classroom experience.

  • Nicaragua Medical Mission Trip: March 2012

The Nicaragua Medical Mission Team will aid those families living in Leon, Nicaragua.
The spectacular mountains of Leon and Matagalpa are the locations for this trip. Physician assistant and pharmacy students are eligible to apply for this mission, to serve in one of three rural clinics run by El Ayudante, a Christian mission organization. Gain clinical experience providing medical care for people who would otherwise have none; make new friends, learn about Nicaragua, and learn about the root causes of poverty. You’ll fly to Managua, then travel by bus to stay in a camp-style team house. You pay a portion of the cost, and the rest is met by fundraising and donations.
Quote: “I was amazed and humbled at how happy our patients were, living in conditions that most U.S. citizens would find impossible. They were always grateful for whatever we could do for them, and I was impressed by their spirituality and exuberance for life. It’s also remarkable that most El Ayudante employees have lived in the United States but chose to come back to Nicaragua and help their people.” – Melissa Johnson, MS, physician assistant studies.

  • Guatemala Conservatory Mission Trip: March 2012

In March the Spiritual Life office in partnership with the Conservatory will send a team of ten students, faculty, and staff to Guatemala.  During the week they will work with children in schools, teaching them songs, and mentoring them in their learning environment.  In the afternoons, the team will help the school through various work projects such as painting and building to enhance the learning environment.  The dream is for this to become an annual trip as we establish relationships with the Mayan people of Guatemala.  The team will travel with Highland Support Project.  

If you would like to participate in a mission trip, contact the Spiritual Life Office:
Phone: (540) 535-3546
E-mail: GoodsonChapel@su.edu