Health & Insurance Requirements

All students are required to have a completed health form on file at Shenandoah University’s Wilkins Wellness Center prior to registration if enrolled in 7 credit hours or more. Click here for the Student Health General Admission Form. All student enrolled in general education MUST complete the health form and provide current insurance information. In addition the student must provide the following:

MMR 1 and 2 or titer
Polio date or titer
Tetanus & Diptheria (within the last 10 years)
Meningitis date or waiver (waiver – page 4 of health form)
Hepatitis B series or waiver (waiver – page 4 of health form)
PPD or assessment (page 5 of health form)
if positive PPD student must have chest x-ray
Physical – if living on campus or participating in sports
Copy of current insurance card both front and back

All students enrolled in Health Professions or School of Pharmacy must complete the Health Professions and Pharmacy Student’s Form. All student enrolled in Health Professions and Pharmacy (which includes programs in Nursing, Respiratory Care, Occupational Therapy, Music Therapy, Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, Physician Assistant and Pharmacy) MUST complete a health form and provide current insurance information. In addition to the student must provide the following:
MMR 1 and 2 or titer
Tetanus, Diphteria, & Pertusis (Tdap)
Polio date or titer
Varicella dates (must have 2) or if student had chicken-pox as a child then a Varicella titer to prove immunity
Meningitis date or waiver
Hepatitis B series or waiver
Two step PPD (2 PPDs one and then 14 days later a second PPD) or annually for 2 consecutive years.
if positive PPD student must have chest x-ray.

Online Waiver/Enroll Process – required

All students who are registered for 7 credit hours or more and are covered under a private insurance plan are required to register their insurance information online. This is called a waiver of the student plan. Follow the instructions below. If you want purchase the student health plan, follow the instructions below. Online/distant learning students are exempt.

To waive or enroll in the Student health Insurance plan for the 2013-2014 policy year:

  1. Log on to:
  2. Click on “Student Waiver or Enroll”
  3. Create a user account or Log in (if a returning student)
  4. Select with the RED “I want to Waive” button. If waiving the insurance, you’ll need information found on your current health insurance ID care. Upon completing your online form, you will be asked to review the information provided and click “submit” to complete the process.
  5. To ENROLL in the plan click on the GREEN “I want to Enroll” and follow the prompts. Immediately upon submitting your Online Form you will receive a confirmation number.


    The deadline to complete this online process is August 1st. After this date, the student’s account will automatically be billed for the student health insurance policy and is nonrefundable.

Athletes: In addition to the University’s Health and Insurance Requirement form all athletes must complete the athletic form and submit to the athletic department along with a copy of the physical examination page. Click here for the Athletic Health Form.

Students living on campus, participating in sports, and all health profession students are required to have a physical examination by their primary care provider. Health Professions and Pharmacy students have additional immunization requirements that must be met prior to starting classes.

Commuter students, those not enrolled in a health program, or participating in a sport, are not required to have a physical examination, however they must complete the remaining portions of the health form.

Insurance Information:

All students are required to provide proof of health insurance coverage (copy of current health insurance card) to the Wilkins Wellness Center, prior to registration.

Health insurance may be purchased through Be sure to review the policy’s exclusions and limitations prior to purchase.

Athletic Injury Information:

A completed claim form MUST be submitted within 90 days from tht date of injury. You can visit the website at:

Every full-time student who participates in Intercollegiate athletics is automatically enrolled in the Athletic Accident Plan. In the event of an accident, You must:

  1. Report the accident to your coach or athletic trainer immediately.
  2. File all charges with your primary insurance carrier first. If you are insured by an HMO/PPO, you must obtain pre-authorization for all services rendered or benefits will be reduced by 50%.
  3. If the other insurance does not pay the entire bill, secure a claim form and instructions from the Athletic Department, fill in information completely, have the attending Physician and supervising coach complete their portion of the form, attach all itemized medical and hospital bills and mail them to the claims administrator.

Summit America Insurance Services, LC
7400 College Blvd, Suite 120
Overland Park, KS 66210
Phone: (800) 926-3441
Fax: (913) 327-7520

Injuries on Shenandoah University Property:

All injuries, other than athletic injuries, while on Shenandoah University property must be reported to the Wilkins Wellness Center within 24 hours of the accident/injury.