First year

Racey Hall – built in 1960; the Racey Lobby is the pulse of the first-year experience and is known as the “chill” hall. The hall is named in honor of Dr. Forrest Racey and has 64 double occupancy rooms. The first floor is all male while the third floor is all female; the main floor is co-ed by wing which is separated by the lobby area. Racey Hall sponsers the residential fashion show.

Parker Hall – built in 1973 it is named in honor of Dr. Robert P. Parker, and is composed of Quad Suites. Sudents come over to shoot pool, and Parker is host of the Anual Haunted House and site is of the RHA “House” Party. Funkhouser/Gore Halls – first year students will tell you that “Funk/Gore has more”.

Funk/Gore – is the proud sponser of the Welcome Week Wal*Mart Scavenger Hunt for all the new students, as well as Turey Bowl right before Thanksgiving Break. Funkhouser Hall built in 1964 is named in the honor of Elmer N. Funkhouser; it was re-modled in 1976. Gore Hall was constructed in 1984 and was named in the honor of Marvin E. Gore. Gore Hall consists of 30 double occupancy rooms of co-ed suites.