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Congratulations on being the parent of a college student! College is an exciting and challenging time for students and parents alike. For students, it’s a time filled with hope for the future, opportunities to change and grow, to make new friends, and transition into adulthood. For parents, sending a child to college is a time to be proud of all the hard work that has prepared them to meet the challenges that lay ahead. Also, parents and family undergo their own transitions as the absence of the student is a daily reminder that the family is now different. In addition, communication between the student and individual family members is altered and as parents are learning to adapt to these changes, they are often called upon to help their student from a distance to navigate his or her challenges.

The College Transition

Transitional Changes you might expect By the time a student goes to college, most parents have already been a part of the profound changes that can occur in the teenage years. Most parents report that the experience of sending a son or daughter to college is associated with eagerness, worries, confusion, andRead More

Changes to Expect

What changes can I expect and how can I help? College can be a stressful time for students as they transition into a new level of daily responsibility for their lives. They can get overwhelmed having to schedule time for classes, homework, and domestic chores, learning to live with a roommate, managingRead More

Parents Have Feelings Too

Parents Have Feelings Too! You have worked for almost twenty years to arrive at this day! While the focus of attention remains on your son or daughter’s transition, the truth is you’re going to have some of your own transitioning to do. What can you do to continue to support your studentRead More

Why Counseling

What about counseling? Sometimes a student comes to the university having already received counseling at home. Others may not have previous counseling experience but might have a difficult time in making the transition to college. In either of these circumstances, students and parents are encouraged to contact Counseling Services to get informationRead More

Confidentiality Information

What about confidentiality? Counseling often involves the disclosure of sensitive personal information. Any information a student shares with the Counseling Center staff is protected by professional ethics and state law. As such, information about the counseling a student receives is not released, except upon a student’s written permission, in circumstances which would resultRead More

Suggested Readings

Suggested Reading List for Family Members of New Students Don’t Tell Me What To Do, Just Send Money: The Essential Parenting Guide to the College Years, written by Helen E. Johnson & Christine Schelhas-Miller When children leave for college, many parents feel uncertain about their shifting roles. By emphasizing the importance ofRead More